Big Fancy News!!!

Two & a half months & I can FINALLY share my good news with you Bettys & Dappers! I'm the co-host/style expert of a new show called "VPL" which launches this Sunday on the Hello Style Channel! 



This is an online channel, one of the first of its kind, representing the Hearst fashion & beauty publications: Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen & Real Beauty. Rumor has it a photo of yours truly will even be in the June issue of each of those magazines. {Yes, I kinda cried when they mentioned that part.} You can read one of the official press releases here!



In the coming weeks there will be more behind the scenes photos, backstage videos, & the first few episodes premiering. So I won't try to explain everything in one post. But more than anything, I want to say thank you. At the time I met with the Hearst team, Dean Street Society had existed for a mere 5 months! You'll see as you get to know the other hosts on the channel that the other style bloggers have been doing this for years! So thank you: for encouraging me in this venture, for reaffirming that my heart was headed in the right direction, & for allowing me to build a community in such a short amount of time that a company like Hearst would want to be our friend. You made this possible & I am so excited for you guys to be a part of this new adventure.


You'll may not get it now, but I honestly #VPLove you all.

with grace & gumption ... & gratitude,


P.S. Go ahead & subscribe to the Hello Style Channel so you guys get our debut video the moment it goes live this Sunday April 15th! And FYI I'll be on the comments over there all day on Sunday so pretty please say hello on my first day at my new gig!

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