IFB {Independent Fashion Bloggers} Conference

During Fashion Week I attended a few fun events & had one especially long day in a yellow skirt. Through it all I met lots of delightful, excited & inspired stylists, designers, style bloggers, social media experts & tech innovators. Some had literally come from halfway around the world to be a part of the week! There were of course lots of cameras & iPhone apps documenting the festivites, & these are a few of my fav pics posted by other bloggers:


Panels galore at IFBCon; Giving an interview to LifeMinute.TV


Fellow style bloggers Amy of Parker Etc, Sheena of Shanele Sheek& Jessie of Style&Pepper


And two of my favorite pics snapped of me by Abilgail of James1542 & Chloe of OhChloe while I chatted it up with Alex aka MrDanger.

As I mentioned this day was especially long, as I also had the Fashion 2.0 Awards that night. So I thought I'd share my newest hair trick. Place a full-circle headband on TOP of your hair. Then haphazzerdly roll/shove your long locks into it for a Downton Abbey-esq updo. Then when you arrive somewhere later on, take the headband off & your locks will have some extra curl/bounce they would have lost just hanging out. {Thanks to my friend Lauren for discovering this one on YouTube!}


Thanks to all the lovely new friends & fellow bloggers I've met recently! And yes, that skirt IS fun to swish. 

with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. Thanks to A Girl Named Leney who just added her post today & snapped my picture at IFB too! 

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