What to Wear for a Beach Vacation

With the first of my style photos from Puerto Rico, let's discuss beach style, shall we? What you want is that easy breezy look that says, "Oh this? Why I just rinsed off the suntan lotion & threw it on while my sea-sprayed hair air dried." The secret to looking un-fussy yet remarkable {reminder that's "worthy of remark" & ready for remarkable photos} is 1 or 2 awesome accessories.

Back in Brooklyn I'd wear this white dress & scarf with wristfuls of bangles. That would look a bit much for a pre-dinner walk on the beach. But the white dress alone would have made a lot of these sunset pics look washed out. It's the color that really makes them dynamic. 

Beach_Style_032812 copy.jpg
Tropical_Vacation_032712 copy.jpg
Rincone_Beach_032812 copy.jpg

 {dress: Urban Outfitters, scarf: thrifted, hat: Target}

With summer travels coming up around the corner, I'm only a Skype chat away to help you pack for remarkable photos in the simplicity of a carry-on. For once in a lifetime photos as your new Facebook profile & favorite Pinterest additons, it's totally worth it while making everyone jealous of your Instagram snapshots.

with grace & gumption, Hilary

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