Spring Trends 2012

It's a big buzz word right now: "Spring Trends 2012". And then there'll be summer trends, & 2013, & always something hot, hip, fresh, new that we first see coming down the runway 6 months prior & then see again in magazines with clothes we can purchase. So it's understandable that I've been getting asked a lot lately "What are the trends for spring? What should I buy? What should we be wearing?" So here's my answer. And I'm going to guess it's not what you were expecting.

Do you disagree? What's inspired you lately or give you a new idea you hadn't thought about before? I for one am indeed on the hunt for a ladylike knee-length pleated skirt I can plop down on the grass in once the weather warms up here in NYC. What's on your wish list for spring & why?

with grace & gumption, Hilary

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