Once Upon a #StyleMeMarch

When I came up with the idea for #StyleMeMarch, I was pretty excited. I had loved doing other Instagram/photo challenges + loved doing Kendi Everyday's 30x30 ReMix challenge, so this seemed like the perfect hybrid of the two: a community of accountability + a month of creativity + style-y photos for all.

What I didn't expect was how inspired I was going to be by you guys. Your creativity has overwhelmed me. Nor did I think about how I was going to get to interact with you daily via Instagram + Twitter, coming home each night to search #StyleMeMarch + dole out words of affirmation at your darling looks. I had no idea some of you would never have worn lipstick + would go out to buy a tube specially, or ask your daughter for help with eyeliner. The truth is that I've been very overwhelmed by this peek inside your lives, your fears, your willingness to take risks when asked, your words of encouragement to one another. Expectations exceeded!

Here's a few of my favorite shots from Instagram in the first 2 weeks. Take a look at the notes below to see the whos + whys.


1: SuperGorgeous didn't have "Parisian" resources at her boyfriend's place so she improvised + inspired multiple other girls that day to take equally adorable pics; GemGemBig had the right idea with feeling "sexy" even though no one at work new her secret; OhSweetJoy bought these Oxfords on sale + did a tutorial on her blog to show you how to make yours this cute!

2: AnnaWrites went to the store for "bold lipstick" as she didn't own any {+ it looks darling on her!}; AnnieBJones05 has short hair so she got creative wearing a headband "braid"; PrincessXMorgan sported her "fav color" via nailpolish

3: TrebleAndLace put together one of my fav darling outfits for "dots or stripes"; AngelCourt showed a "LBD" can still be cute + kicky with her charming poses; HollyErr paired a denim jacket + chunky boots for a totally brunch appropriate "rockstar"

4: Sundariu looks stunning in "bold lipstick" pinks; AnneHoekman sported my beloved DG sorority colors while demonstrating how to "belt it"; CarolynTaylor11 never wears "strong eyeliner" + looked absolutely gorgeous

5: NicoleLight looked adorable sporting "dots or stripes"; K__Ball managed to look "rockstar" in a sea of pastel bridesmaids dresses; WebbAdventuress wore "parisian" to care for her 3 little ones + care for her house <-- now that is one sexy French maid + mama!

Spread the word to your friends + followers! {Original post here.} There's still plenty of inspiration left this month, plus if they start to follow the {bow ties & bettys} style blog here or @HilaryRushford on Twitter, they'll be in the loop for our next one!

with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. Here are the other blogs I'm aware of that are participating. If I haven't linked you up somewhere on this page PLEASE leave me a note with your link(s) in the comments so I can include you in the end-of-month round-up! Whether you're participating on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, a blog, or just emailing with your friends {my mom emails me her pics -- so cute!} I'd love to know!

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