Hello spontaneity. See you Bettys next week.


In 4 hours I'm hopping on a plane with a ticket I purchased 38 hours ago & headed to a tropical destination that only my best friend knows. {Mom: Why won't you tell me? It's not like we're going to show up!} A moment later Mom commented aloud that 20 years ago no one would have known you were going on vacation, & now I have a few thousand people on social media who could know in a moment, so she actually thought hiding away sounded like an awesome plan. Yup.

I've got a special guest post on Wednesday & some links qued up on Twitter & Facebook, so you'll still see Dean Street Society popping up this week. Just without my being on this side of the screen to push the button.

Can't wait see what you all cook up for #StyleMeMarch while I'm away!

See you next week. Tanner. And having read some style & life style books that will help me help you be even more kickass in 2012.

with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. Yes, I packed 1 bikini + 17 accessories. Also 9 clothing items. Yes, I photographed it all for you guys for a blog post next week. I'm a stylish packing ninja. You can be too. ;)

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