What are you Wearing, Valentine?

In this week's episode of Dean St TV I talk about something that happens to us around holidays: we don't plan far enough in advance & splurge last minute. While I don't talk about WHAT to wear for Valentine's Day, I discuss 4 ways for HOW to shop for this & other special events.

Oh, & as for WHAT to wear? I like not only red & pink, but also white & creams, as well as sequins, sparkle & bling. But most important is what you feel radiant in, & what your beau happens to particularly love you in as well



What are you feeling the love for these days? Personally I'm heart-ing Downton Abbey, spring-ish weather in NYC that lets me wear my cute peacoats, & s'mores in the oven which pretty much get made nightly around here!

with grace & gumption, Hilary

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