Introducing: The #StyleMe____ Photo Challenge!

As I first annouced in this post, I'm introducing a new part of Dean Street Society: StyleMe Photo Challenges!

Here's how it works:

1. Print/save the icon in a place where you can easily reference it. Each day be inspired to wear, try or be the clothing, make-up, accessory, hair, color or adjective described.

2. Do your best not to buy anything to meet the inspirations. However, if you look ahead & see you don't own anything striped ... & you think you would actually like something like that in your wardrobe ... then use this inspiration to branch out & add diversity to your closet. But in general the point is to get creative wearing as much of what you already own as possible, rather than purchasing more.

3. Take a photo of each day's challenge. This can be a self portrait on your iPhone taken into the mirror, your outfit laid out on your bed, asking a co-worker to snap one, or posing with friends while you're out. See the post for some ideas & examples. The point is not to create brilliant photography, just to capture the moment to share & hold yourself accountable to trying new things all month.

4. To share on Instagram or Twitter use the hashtag #StyleMeMarch. You can also search to see what others are wearing that way. Or if you don't use those sites, leave a comment below to your blog, public Facebook album, Twitter, Flickr - wherever it's easiest for you to upload. I'll be posting daily on Instagram at "HilaryRushford" & following the stream on Twitter as @HilaryRushford.

5. If you miss a day, either of the challenge or taking a photo of it, jump back in the next! This is about progress, not perfection.  


These sorts of things are always more fun with friends so share this link on Twitter & Facebook, or forward the blog post. What if your co-workers all joined in? Your sister who lives across the country? Your old college roommate who lives around the world? Seeing one another's photos each day is an incredible way to be a part of one another's daily lives in a small way, while all challenging our creativity, confidence & courage to try new things!

Can't wait to see what your favorite color is tomorrow!

with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. Don't forget to leave your link in the comments below so others can follow along!

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