How to Shop Smarter

I make a little confession in today's episode of Dean St TV. But I'm guessing it's one that a lot of you actually share! So I share some of my favorite tips for being simple, smartt & prepared. Like a girl scout. Or is that just the boy scouts? Clearly I was neither. But I do have a black belt in productivity {ahem, we could call this a mild obsession with} so I like to get in, get out & get on with my life!

Oh, & I also have a serial returner for a mother. So I'm in fashion therapy for learning how to be confident in my purchases the first time around. Hi. My name is Hilary. And I've learned making returns in the city is much more exhausting than when one has a car & a trunk.

So what did I miss? What other gems of brilliance have I not yet thought of that you smartypants have been doing for years? Or do you all just waltz into dressing rooms with 3 pieces, which fit perfectly & you can style perfectly at home? In which case maybe you shouldn't leave a comment because my hours of wriggling back into skinny jeans or making rounds of returns might not be able to handle it. ;)

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