How to use Pinterest for your Brand or Business

Magnet Media asked me to write a piece for them on how Pinterest can be used for brands, both my own & those of my branding clients. While many of you may not be using Pinterest as a small business owner or entrepreneur, you might get a better idea of how the website works or think of a friend who might appreciate the forward of this post.

If nothing else, be sure you've joined Pinterest & follow me there at! And I don't say join just because it's the cool thing. {Though the growth numbers are impressive.} But because if you're a visual person there is so much to glean inspiration from! Check out the other users I link to at the bottom of the article to see what kinds of boards & categories others are seeking out there. But for starters, gather a style board for yourself when you get new ideas & when you're stuck for an outfit reference it for getting-dressed-today inspiration!

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