Who's Your Style Doppleganger?

In today's episode of Dean St TV I share one of my favorite go-to tricks for when I'm trying to decide if something is "me", can I pull it off, does it really work. And a hint, that for me it does NOT have to do with Katy Perry. {Though if you can rock peacock colored hair, then run wild m'dear!} Another one I don't mention in the video is Reese Witherspoon who, while always looking lovely, would make me look & feel like the soccer mom of 2 that she is. See what I mean here:


I think this game is so fun & so helpful when you're trying to stay true to the best version of yourself. So who's your celebrity essence dopplegagner? A few more of mine are Keri Russell & Marion Cotillard ...


with grace & gumption, Hilary

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