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This spring I spent a week in Nantucket for a gig with brilliant photog Jeremiah Hull. It's an island ordinance that all the buildings there can only be painted in one of 12 chosen shades of color {most named Nantucket Blue & Nantucket Red, etc} thus the tiny town looks perfectly styled at every turn. Plus each cottage has a name {"Dean Street Manor" has a nice ring, no?} carved into wood & hung above the entrance. As expected, I was charmed all around & these photos capture just how delighted & rested I felt, even amidst long hours on set.

Also, inspiration on how to wear yellow. Put a color that looks great on you {blue for me} right up next to your face with a short chunky necklace or scarf, & that's the color we register against your skin tone, while just enjoying yellow as the lovely color that it tis. 


Shop This Style: { Marigold Sweater : Loft : Similar l Polka Dot Pants : AG for Anthropologie : Similar l Chunky Blue Necklace : Loft : Similar l Blue Boat Shoes : Sperry Top Siders : Similar | Red Weekend Tote : c/o Everlane} + Photography by Jeremiah Hull

Psst ... because I love ya, you can share my happy place with me! The next time you're feeling stressed amidst the hustle & bustle of the holidays, picture yourself on this rock at the foot of the lighthouse, wind in your hair, watching the boats pull in off the ocean. Ask yourself: What are you grateful for in 2012? What are you going to make happen in 2013? Gratitude & empowerment are two of the strongest anchors we have to remember that no matter how blustery things are around us, we can make things happen & be remarkable.

Now speaking of the holidays, I'm off to the shops at Covent Garden with Mum to do some shopping for my Dean Street Society team back home in the states. Hope you have a spiced mulled wine kind of day!

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P.S. It's coming, a week from Monday: Birthcristdaymas. Yup. If I was you I'd mark your calendars, as there might be a present coming your way that you won't want to miss, & it won't stick around for long! More details coming soon ...

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