Online Style School: Enrollment Now Open!

Yesterday the doors opened for "Style & Styleability". Class starts in three weeks on Sunday, January 20th. I'm thrilled to already have a bevy of incredible students who've joined the class, from ages 20-something to 70-something, from psychologist to photographers to students, from all over the map.

Over the last two years I have taken many of online courses to expand my knowledge as an entrepreneur & my skill set as a blogger.

My number one issue with classes, is when they take too much time. I get behind, overwhelmed, discouraged.

My second issue is when I don't feel there's enough actionable knowledge -- really tangible things I'm learning & growing in.

So I've been very intentional in building this course to make sure that it touches on every area of learning I cover with my one-on-one clients. In no more than one hour per week. At the end of the month, that's four hours -- two hours beyond my individual sessions. So it's an incredible value for the price of just $95, but absolutely manageable for even the busiest of bettys & dappers.


Sundays & Tuesday are when emails arrive to your inbox, but you can absolutely work at your own pace throughout the week. Then Thursday through Saturday you can upload photos & questions in the private group where I'll be available for feedback & answers. And the live call doesn't take place until the next week to give you time to catch-up if you're behind.


So excited to get started! Nab your spot here right now & you'll have a welcome email from me soon.

Till then, I'm off to the Disappearing Dining Club for a marvelous New Year's Eve 5-course dinner & all-night dance party. My winter in London is coming to a close this week but not till I ring in the new year to the chimes of Big Ben. See y'all next year m'dears! 

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P.S. Sign-up for "Style & Styleability" & get ready to put those New Year's resolutions into action! What are your goals & resolutions for the new year?

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