A Passion Grows in Brooklyn


My favorite line from this week's IFB column is: "I would propose that neither money nor fame are as powerful a motivator as passion. And if you don’t have the latter, a true vision for why you’re doing what you’re doing, it will get harder & harder to get out of bed early, stay up late & work weekends."

You can read part one of the column here & part two below the jump.

For the last 16 months I have worked an insane amount of hours on Dean Street Society. And for now the number one reason is money. Well, perhaps it's better put to say that it's building a sustainable business. Starting a new business is insane! And to say that I've made it profitable as my full-time job?! Doubly insane! So I have hustled. Stayed up late. Woke up early. Worked seven days a week. Foregone a lot of my social life. Invested nearly every penny back into the business.

But I know that's not sustainable. The pace I've kept is possible because -- like any new parent  -- you know the first year or so is going to involve a lot of sleepless nights. And ultimately, it's not money that drives me. Just before starting Dean Street Society I'd taken a perfectly average desk job with benefits & if all I cared about was paying my rent, I could have keep that for years. But I had zero passion for it.

My passion is for helping people show up as the best version of themselvs & live their best, loveliest lives.

I happen to help you do that through style, branding & clothes. And my passion -- for my whole life, first as a dance captain, choreographer & what I thought would ultimately be a university professor -- is teaching. I love to make things far more simple than you thought they were, explain them in a way you'd never considered, make you feel more lovely than you thought possible -- whether that's on stage or in the dressing room mirror.

That passion is why I will still be running Dean Street Society three years from now.

Why the long hours will still be worth it even when the initial adrenaline has faded. Why there will still be more to write & share & teach even after I've checked off the list of all my original ideas. And it's why I'm expanding in the new year with my first online group class, "Style & Styleability".

That class opens on Sunday & at it's core it comes from that passion: Educating & empowering.

And it knocks down barries that could have held you back in 2012: money, time & intimidation.

It's the cheapest, smallest-bites-of-time offering I've rolled out & the only one available in a group format.

As a reader, I would love to know: What else would you like to learn from Dean Street Society? What are you longing to be taught, have answered, receive the tools to know how to do?

As a fellow blogger, creative or entrepreneur I would love to know: What are you passionate about? Why did you start your blog, business, hobby or are you pursuing what you're pursuing?

May 2013 be the year we all become more passionate about what makes us shine!

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P.S. Save the link to DeanStreetSociety.com/Class so you can be first in line when the doors open on Sunday morning! Can't wait to help you waltz a few steps closer to your passion this January ...

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