Evolving Your Personal Style

Merry Christmas Eve from London m'dears! Though I can't say I'm smitten with the tradition of holiday minced pies here, I am having my fair share of scones & mulled wine this season, including as I write this post. 

After last week's surprises of 2012, today's wander through my Instagram was to see what patterns I noticed in my style this year. All the arrows reminds me a bit of directions on how to do a ballroom dance!


Take a wander through your Instagram feed or Facebook photos. What patterns emerged about your style in 2012? What did you wear more of? Less of? What are you thrilled you embraced? What would you like to see more of in 2013?

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P.S. Forgotten anyone on your Christmas list? Have a friend you didn't realize you were exchanging with? My first online group class "Style & Styleability" opens enrollment on Sunday December 30th! At just $95 it's a perfect gift to help someone start their new year off with some extra stress-free sparkle. Feel free to email me at Hilary@DeanStreetSociety.com if you want to earmark a spot before the 30th.

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