15 Surprises in 2012

I'm in deep reflection & projection mode over here in London. For my birthday last weekend I went away on a Dean Street Retreat. Holed up at a bed & breakfast in a village I reflected over the past year & dreamed big for the year ahead. More about that to come but one of the things I did was look back at my Instagram feed & think about what I didn't know when the clock struck last January 1st.


I didn't know I would ...

TRAVEL to the Caribbean for vacation, Nantucket to style a shoot, Los Angeles to take a class or Italy & France for vacation.

WORK on my first shoots as lead stylist, multiple shoots, or host my first on-camera show.

HIRE my first darling assistant.

HANG UP MY DANCE SHOES because I loved running Dean Street Society so much ... or put them back on 9 months later to travel on a gig with friends.

EXPERIENCE HILARITY like shooting a gun for the first time & crying my way into the Iron Bowl football game in the same weekend.

EXPERIENCE HEARTBREAK when Hurricane Sandy devestated my beloved NYC.

LIVE IN RICH COMMUNITY when friends moved into the apartment right next door, I joined my Tuesday Night Dinner Crew, had the idea to start an Instagram Challenge & made online friends in real life during my time in London.

Travel, work, experiences & people. I suppose that sums up all the most imporant things, eh?

It's worth noting, that I didn't mention a pair of shoes I bought or a favorite dress. I don't talk much on Dean Street Society about buying things. Because at the end of the day -- or in this case the year -- they're really not what's important. But the travel photos, the dream jobs, the awesome events & confidence I walked into new situations with ... that's what makes a difference in 365 day. And I swear since I gave myself permission to be bolder since launching this business, I've dressed with more joy & shined brighter in every situation.

Take a little time before New Year's Eve to think about dressing for the life you want in 2013.

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P.S. Tell me about you! What surprised you in 2012? What did you not know would unfold in your life? And if you're not on Instagram, jump on it for 2013! Come follow me at @HilaryRushford.

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