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Bettys, I told you I would have more to share on my experiences with Hurricane Sandy today, & in the meantime I had the opportunity to share them yesterday in my first article on Huffington Post!

So thrilled to get to write my first piece there on the two things most close to my heart: Brooklyn & helping people shine. Please take a minute to consider how to best love people in your life when they're hurting, & share it with your friends on Twitter & Facebook. NYC is still hurting, needs to stay on people's radars to get help, & the universal message in this article is an easy way to do that. Read the piece here.


In case you want to Tweet, here's some ready for you:

  • One stylist's experience serving neighbors during Hurricane Sandy. Inspiration for your own story by @HilaryRushford.

  • NYC still needs our help after Hurricane Sandy. @HilaryRushford on how we can help others to shine in a time of need.

  • How do you love someone in need? Find beauty amongst suffering? Shine in darkness? @HilaryRushford for @HuffPostStyle

Now I'd love to hear your thoughts. What's a time you've felt in the darkness & loveliness, beauty, self-respect helped you to rise above it? Have you found my experiences to be true whether you were on the receiving or giving end? I'd love to hear your heart in the comments below.

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