Building a Multi-Dimensional Brand


This week's column for IFB was on the common challenge of feeling you have too many ideas to run just one blog or business. In all the entrepreneurial courses I've taken, I'd say this is the number one challenge I hear come up again & again. Everyone thinks their new idea means they have to start a whole other website or blog. So today I thought I'd give you a behind-the-scenes peek at how I've created my own brand umbrella here on Dean Street Society.

{Each week I write a column for IFB, then share more personal insights on the topic here on Friday.}

1. I'm a stylist. Therefore I share things I hope will inspire people with creativity when they're getting dressed in the morning.

2. I've never been rich. My ideal clients are "real people with real budgets" because as a musical theatre actress I never had a lot of disposable income. I don't want to make my readers feel like they need to buy more in order to be happy. So I rarely do round-up posts on new items I'm coveting, but focus instead on what's already in my closet.

3. I'm a teacher at heart. I always envisioned I'd get my masters & teach at a university. Now I use my love of teaching to break-down the how & why behind my style posts so people can truly learn how to replicate what they see & why it works.

4. I love community. I think being left out is the worst feeling in the world. In the exclusive field of fashion, I try to make Dean Street Society a place of inclusion, sharing aspects of my community here in Brooklyn. I don't want to run a blog about one girl, but a site that's about everyone growing.

5. I love entrepreneurship. Throughout this last year I've been asked more & more questions about business, blogging & branding. Which is why I was so excited to add these re-occuring Friday posts.

6. I love reading. Twice this year I made the #StyleMe Challenge into a book club, choosing a book that had stylish implications & chatting about it in a Facebook group.

7. I love travel. When I travel I share about how I pack efficiently but for remarkable photos or the apps I use to take blog-worthy photos.

If you're bandying about the idea of starting a blog but don't know what it should & shouldn't include, or already have one blog or business & are struggling with how to expand to include your other interests, start by making a list. Write out all the things that interest you & see where you can build bridges to tie them together. Then sit down with a branding or business coach {like moi} or a trusted friend & work on distilling that brand into something cohesive, but that doesn't make you feel boxed in. Strong branding is a huge key to business success, but painting yourself into a corner will never have you feeling fulfilled in the long-run.

What are your interests you're trying to combine? Share them below & lets help you brainstorm how they can represent fabulously diverse you.

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P.S. As this post goes live I'll be flying somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Will I see you at our Holiday Hangout in London on Tuesday? Have a friend abroad? Invite em!

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