December Holiday Instagram Style Challenge

Bettys, my London bags are packed & tomorrow I'll be sipping a glass of chardonnay & praying I can sleep on the flight from JFK to Heathrow. In thinking about how to pack for extended travel I gave myself a little challenge: Never wear the same thing twice ... the same way.

You see, I didn't pack 41 different tops for my 41 days abroad. I packed 9. And 9 sweaters. 3 skirts. Oodles of accessories. So my challenge to myself is to always try to pair a top with a different layer, or bottom, or accessory.

No one should have a closet large enought to wear a different thing everyday! But we tend to pair the same things together & then get tired of our wardrobes. So I decided December should be a #StyleMe month to encourage you to join me! {What is #StyleMe? Read more here.}

This is also perfectly timed as we all have a few holiday-appropo outfits. Thankfully there are different people at your work party than your college friends party, so you can re-wear them throughout the season. As you should! No one needs a dozen holiday jumpers! {That's British for "reindeer sweater".} So wear them again, Instagram them again ... just paired with something different. Show us your showman cardigan three days! Just switch up your turtleneck for a button-down or your brown boots for black tights & booties.

Here's to 31 Days of Holiday Style & never wearing the same thing twice ... the same way!

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P.S. Have you finished your Christmas Wish List? How about your holiday shopping?

Don't forget about asking for or giving the gift of creating providence in 2013 with a style session! Whether it's to celebrate a promotion, gift a busy mom some "you time" or show someone you believe they're going to be a superstar, experiences always trump things when it comes to making someone's life a little richer. I'm giddy to know we've already made it onto so many Wish Lists & under various trees this season! Maybe yours, but I'll never tell ...

To order a Dean Street Society Gift Certificate just email {or ask your loved one to email me} & we'll get you a design that's just right for your special someone!

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