Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs


My online journal sends me emails with what I wrote a year ago today & this week’s IFB column came from stumbling upon an old post. It was inspired by the delightful Lara Casey, editor of Southern Weddings magazine -- a girl I’ve never met who changed my life. But that’s a story for another day.


{I also love looking back at my Instagram to recall my year. This was a glimpse of my 2010.}

I wrote on November 8, 2011 {excerpted}:

"Lara Casey posted that there's 53 days left in 2011. She asked "What are you going to make happen?"

Inspired. Challenged. Overwhelmed. Woops. Except I promised I was going to stop using that word. Alright then. Inspired to rise."

2011 was the year I _______

  • pulled off my first one-woman show             

  • discovered I want to be an entrepreneur             

  • put my acting career on hold            

  • experienced providence booking a show off 1 audition to play a dream part

  • was a quitter (from cubicle nation)             

  • discovered just how much I want to live abroad             

  • started Dean Street Society             

  • owned that I am deeply capable & uniquely creative

2012 will be the year I _______  

  • have a full-time career helping others create providence

{Snapshots from this time last year in winter 2011.}

There are other things on that list I'll keep personal, but 2011 was such a year of transition for me. I didn’t realize that I was leaving my performing career. I think back to Hilary of November 2011 & I feel like she’s so young. I cannot believe how much I have grown & learned in the last year as an entrepreneur. I just didn’t know how much I didn’t know.

So now it’s time to refresh the list.

  • booked my first hosting job {VPL}

  • booked my second hosting job {TBA in 2013!}

  • had my first experiences styling on-camera, advertising, lookbooks, engagements, interiors

  • started coaching new entrepreneurs & freelancers on business & branding

  • styled clients who included a variety of ethnicities, plus size, petite, up to age 70

  • worked from the Caribbean, Nantucket & Carmel

  • took Dean Street Society to London

  • was a freelance writer for multiple publications & had my first article in Huffington Post

  • worked for myself & my company full-time

  • hired my first assistant

  • modeled in my first lookbook

  • worked with incredible photographers Bess, Jen, Rachel, Brad, Jeremiah

  • created the #StyleMe Instagram Challenge & Book Club

  • modeled in my first lookbook

  • had my first total strangers approach me on the street to say they read my blog
  • have three products for sale                                

  • double my monthly UV's                            

  • relaunch my YouTube channel                      

  • book 3 speaking engagements                              

  • start offering small business & branding coaching on the site

  • have a financially independent company                      

  • expand the team beyond Kayte & Mary to include 3 other go-to members

  • pinch myself 365 days that I'm running my own business                            

I scribbled the following on a post-it recently: Talking about your dreams can give you a buzz that feels like something has happened. You want to the buzz that comes from making things happen. Don't let these lists be the end. Take action & take your life to the next level.

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P.S. The comments are your spot to hold yourself accountable. Share your story!

How will you create providence in the next 39 days?

2012 was the year you _______!

2013 will be the year you _______!

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