Hello Southern Holiday Style

This blog post will go live at 8am. At 3:30 am my alarm will have gone off & a very grumpy, very silent, very non-morning-person moi will climb into a car service & head to the airport. I will be very unhappy. That is, until I meet my friends at LaGuardia & we embark on Sweet Home Alabama Holiday.


Last year I hosted 26 people here in my home for Thanksgiving. It was one of the best days. My friend Ashley {pictured} had just started dating a boy named Brian who galantly carved the turkey. This Thanksgiving, we'll be in her parents home & the next day celebrating the two of them walking down the aisle. I have goosebumps as I type thinking of our hilarious Brooklyn crew runnin' all over a lil country town for the next five days. First stop tomorrow: Cracker Barrel. Second stop: Giant thrift store. Happy girl.

But before I go, I want to wish you a happy holiday. My heart still hurts for my neighbors rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy & I'm ever more so grateful this year for how much I have.


P.S. There's another awesome {if I do say so myself} Business, Branding & Blogging Friday's post coming up this week & you just might want to carve out some time this weekend to sit & ponder on the questions I've got for ya. While you're snuggling on the couch in between the Macy's Parade & football, check out last week's post & feel encouraged.

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