Winter Trends 2012

Today's 2-part Fashion Cocktail is brought you you by the Winter 2012 Trend: Leather.

Leather pants remind me of that Friends episode involving Ross & baby powder. Leather tops have me envisoning sweat trickling beneath my bossom in a totally non-sexy way. Leather skirts, I can do. 

How do you wear a short leather skirt without looking like a hussy? You balance it out with sensible winter shoes & an oversized sweater that shows absolutely zero skin. Granted, you could tuck in a blouse, put on a pair of heels & channel Blair or Serena. But I'm afraid that would be one of those times when Gossip Girl style proves not to work in real life. Like every outfit Chuck Bass wears.


Shop This Style: { Blue + White Striped Sweater: Similar l Brown Leather Short Skirt: Similar l Short Brown Boots: Similar l Blue Drop Necklace: Similar | Stripe Anchor Bracelet : James Kiel Patrick }

Photography by my dear friend Bradley Siefert in Chicago, NYC & beyond.

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P.S. Now tell me YOUR secrets. What trend are you struggling to wear? Or which one have you pulled off by toning it down to make it work for your everyday life?

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