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On Wednesday my new The Business of Blogging column debuted over on Independent Fashion Bloggers. And thus, something I've had in mind for months now is born: Branding, Blogging & Small Business Fridays here on Dean Street Society!


Every Wednesday I'll have a new column up at IFB. And each Friday I'll link to it & expand on it here. It's a chance for me to go deeper, give more personal insights, & expand the topics beyond style bloggers to all the other small business dreamers, freelancers & entrepreneurial types who are a part of Dean Street Society.

These posts are absolutely for YOU. So please let me know your questions & other topics you'd like to see covered in the comments anytime. Now onto this week's post:

5 Lessons from a 1st Year in Blogging:

Go check out the article on IFB & then come back to read 15 other lessons I'm only sharing here with the bettys & dappers who know me well. 

6-20 More Lessons Behind-the-Scenes:

6. Everything will take longer than you think. Months longer. Take a deep breath, turn your palms up to the sky, & remember that no one but you knew that was supposed to launch/publish/be done by today.

7. Blogging takes a lot of time. A. Lot. Of. Time.

8. The difference between being a blogger & an entrepreneur, is that when you're running a whole business {the latter} you won't have 100% of your time to dedicate to blogging. Bloggers, blog. It's their job to do it all the time. As an entrepreneur it's only one component of your business. You don't have to keep up with the full-time bloggers.

9. Not everyone will be on board with your new dream. Even the friends you absolutely thought would. It will break your heart.

10. People you haven't talked to in years will write you emails of encouragement to say how happy they are for you & how amazing what you're accomplishing is. It will touch you deeply & make your day.

11. Total strangers will let you know you inspired them, spoke to them, affirmed them. It will blow your mind, humble you & make your day all over again.

12. You will make new friends through Twitter & your blog readers. People who are hilarious, whipsmart, inspiring, that you never would have meet had you not opened the doors to your virtual home.

13. You will make friends through Pinterest. Sites you didn't even think of as community engagement sites. They'll take you to lunch & name a bow tie after you & you'll realize that you should always be open to meeting new people in unexpected internet places.

14. Everytime you solve one technology glitch, another one will pop up. I suppose this is why tech people have full-time jobs. But without a tech person, this reality will drive you to the edge of insanity.

15. Niether money or fame are as powerful a motivator as passion. If you don't have the latter, a true vision for what you're doing, it will get harder & harder to get out of bed early, stay up late & work weekends.

16. Put things in writing. Everything. Every partnership, every vendor -- articulate deadlines, expectations, so you have a leg to stand on when things don't go as planned. Which will happen. More often than you think.

17. There will always be more to learn. Another newsletter to jump on, another webinar to listen to, another book to read. Never stop learning.

18. Your ratio has to include more doing than learning. All the knowledge in the world won't translate into anything if you don't put it into action. Don't just listen, apply it & make things happen.

19. Everyone has different advice on to-do lists & managing your email inbox. Find out what works for you. Check back in to see if it's really working; truly effective. The coolest app isn't cool if it doesn't actually help you, & the way your unique mind & schedule works.

20. The second year will get easier & it will get harder. You'll have learned lessons. And your growing brand will encounter new challenges. But when you believe with your whole heart in what you're doing in the world, nothing is ultimately impossible, even if it ends up happening with less grace & requiring more gumption than you anticipated. Keep going. 

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P.S. Which of these 20 insights resonated with you? Which one can you write a reminder about in your notebook to take action on this month?

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