Branding, Blogging & Small Business Fridays

Yes it's Wednesday, but Branding, Blogging & Small Business Fridays are coming!

Starting today I'm going to have a weekly Wednesday column on the Business of Blogging on THE website for style bloggers, IFB. I'm so thrilled to have joined their team! And it's solidified something I've wanted to launch for a long time: Business, Branding & Blogging Fridays!

In two days I'll explain all, but as a pre-launch here's an interview I did with Monica Lee for her online show "Smart Creative Women". {Brilliant branding because when you're asked you automatically think, "Me? Smart & creative? Oh I couldn't ... absolutelyyesplease."}

Sometimes you "meet" people via Skype & even through two computer screens can tell, "Yup. This girl is so my people." Such was the case with Monica. She could NOT be more delightful & full of life! I adore her heart for inspiring other women. When we met in person at Alt Summit a few months later, it was a confirmed girl crush.

Monica & I dish on how I got my first clients, knew I had a unique voice in the style industry, how my branding organically evolved & this one time when I met an Irish bloke on an airplane & kissed him a week later. You know, the business basics. Watch our convo here!

Interview with a Stylist 100812.jpg

Then let me know: What was the one big takeaway you got from this interview? Any inspiration for your own path? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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