Stylish Small Business Branding

Recently I got to style a brilliant branding & marketing shoot for Brooklyn entrepreneur Alison Walla of Butter + Love! Alison was a finalist to win a small business grant from Martha Stewart in her "American Made" contest {you really must try her cookies}.

To help drum up votes for her darling bakery, Alison had the awesome idea to reinterpret classic Americana artwork. {Bonus tip: Photos get ranked higher in the algorhythm on Facebook, getting them seen more than just text posts.} With a few things from my closet & the creative making-it-workness of things from hers, we didn't spend a penny on the styling. That in my book already makes us a winner!

Branding Coach 100212.jpeg
Brooklyn Small Business 100312.jpeg
Branding Expert 010312.jpeg

We had a team of about 10 on the day of, including a lot of friends for morale support & the mixing of cocktails!

Personal Stylist 100312.JPG
Great Branding 100312.jpeg
Stylish Branding 100212.jpeg

If you're doing a new launch or promotion, a unique & eye catching photo shoot is such a fabulous idea! And if you need help pulling it off, of course you can drop me a note. I'd be charmed.

If you could reinterpret any famous paintings or photos which would you choose? Any location in your neigborhood or item in your closet get you inspired?

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