On Tour: A Dean Street Stylist in London

As I annouced on the Live Anniversary Party Call, I'm headed back to London this winter! From late November to early January I'll be calling my second favorite city home & doing that awkward thing where I slip into a British accent mid-conversation because I so desperately want one.

Bettys & Dappers, I need your help!

Not with the accent thing. That's a lost cause. But in spreading the word & introducing me to all your fabulous friends! Here's the sitch:

Style Client Savings:

I will be taking one-on-one clients in London for TWO WEEKS ONLY: December 2nd - 16th. I want to see as many of you as possible & know I don't have a lot of time to make that happen, so I'm offering discounts if you book with a friend! For Wardrobe Edits, schedule with a friend who lives nearby & I'll come to each of your homes for back-to-back sessions at 15% off {a $55 savings each}. Or if you book a two-person Personal Shopping trip, you'll get 25% off {a $90 savings each}.

This is the perfect time to ...

1. Get clear on who you're showing up as in the world for 2013 & be ready to start the new year refreshed, clutter cleared, & empowered to create more providence.

2. Know exactly what you want to ask for as Christmas gifts, or what you'll purchase at those fabulous post-holiday sales with all the gift certificates you've traded in your aunt's ugly taste in rompers for.

3. Book for you & a friend as their early Christmas gift!

To book now at the traditional prices visit Hire Hilary. To book with a friend email Hilary@DeanStreetSociety.com & we'll send you PayPal invoices at the holiday discount.

Spreading the Word:

Do you have friends that live near London? I'm looking for blogs, websites, radio shows -- anywhere I can spread the word that I'm coming to town in an interview, article, or guest post.

Seeking Intern & Photographers:

Are you a whipsmart budding blogger or entrepreneur who'd like to get a feel for the day-to-day of running a business? I get asked all the time to meet for coffee to "pick my brain" on marketing, blogging, business, style & sadly I just can't say yes to everyone. But this is a great opportunity to answer some of those Qs, chat it up, & see if this is a path you really want to take to the next level in 2013.

Are you a brilliant photog? I'd love to collaborate on some street style shoots while in town, spread the word about you on the blog, & get some great images in your home sweet London. 

Saying Cheers, Love:

I'm looking to play! I'll be doing at least one Dean St Meet-up while I'm there & would love to meet any of you or your friends. I'll also be looking to make it to fun events, holiday parties, & get to know more folks, so I'm unabashedly asking for invitations. 

Would be delighted if you'd share this post with any UK friends via email or social media. 

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P.S. Remember, to book now at the traditional prices, visit the Hire Hilary page. To book with a friend email Hilary@DeanStreetSociety.com & we'll send you both PayPal invoices at the holiday discount price.

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