Breaking the Style Rules

One year ago I would never have come up with this outfit.

I thought gathered, high-waisted skirts made me look pregnant. I thought 3/4 length skirts were unattractive with my large ballerina calves. I didn't know how to wear a button down without feeling like a formal corporate girl. And a bralet crop top could only be worn by girls with perfectly flat stomachs, & likely little tact.

Three of those four reasons had to do with my body. Which hasn't changed.

What changed was my confidence.

I realized that I was looking that the parts. While everyone else was looking at the whole. I was analyzing whether the skirt added an inch to my waist. They were only seeing a cheeky, colorful, retro outfit walking down the street.

Something else changed too.

I learned to break the rules. 

You can wear a bralet {well, those of us without large bossoms} if you pair it with a high-waist & you barely show any skin. You can wear a button-down without looking buttoned-up, by keeping it loose & tied. You can emphasize a narrow waist with that same tie, which balances out the gathered skirt.


Shop This Style: { Mint Gingham Button-down: Forever21 l Red Polka Dot Bralet: Forever21 l Navy Medi Skirt: Asos l Nude Heels: DSW | Nautical Stripe Anchor Bracelet: James Kiel Patrick } + Photography by the lovely Jennifer Sosa

I'm not passionate about clothes, I'm passionate about people.

I love what I do as a stylist not because I help people look hip & fashionable.

I help people unveil their confidence. I shed light on what feels like the secrets about your body that no one gave you the key to unlock before. You & I can have that experience together right now.

I empathize so deeply with every ah-hah moment in the client session because I've had them myself. Sadly it took me years. And now I can share it in 2-3 hours. If you're ready to take some area of your life to the next level, book a session with me today.

Before the craziness of the holidays sweeps you up. Before your family has bought you gifts of the same clothes that make you feel the same way. Before it's too late to become a better you this year.

I seriously can't wait to see how much brighter you can shine.

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P.S. Make your appointment. Email me your questions. Share in the comments below. What possible myths & misperceptions might you believe about your body & style?

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