Can you rock a lot of polka dots, new girl?

M'dears, a polka dot blazer is a lot. Here's how I make it happen:

1. It was $18 from Forever21. If I'm going to take a fashion risk & go outside of my comfort zone, I make sure that if it never feels quite "me" in the end, it doesn't also have the guilt of a huge splurge.

2. My 2-Part Fashion Cocktail: polka dots are cutsey, while black & white is chic. If this blazer was white with pink polka dots, I'd march myself straight to the nearest audition for Legally Blonde. Figure out the opposite if your slightly scary sartorial choice, & make sure you're balancing it with classic, chic, sleek, clean lined, neutral colors, soft edges, casual fabric, whateverthecasemaybe.

Brooklyn Personal Stylist 81412-5.jpg
Brooklyn Personal Stylist 81412-4.jpg

Do you have a piece you're struggling to wear? Post it on the Facebook page & I'll give you some ideas that may help other bettys out as well! Danielle just posted about a "scary" yellow, owl, bow tie, peplum Anthropologie blouse she loved but had never worn. Check out my tips for her!

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