Cheap + Chic: Inexpensive but Stylish Halloween Costumes

Throwing theme costume parties is one of my spiritual gifts. Love em. I always emphasize that my guests should "beg, borrow or steal" their costumes, rather than buying something new. However, when you are going to purchase something for a costume I think it should be either 1) a steal of a deal or 2) a great excuse to add something to your wardrobe you were eying anyhow. {My Mad Men Holiday Party miiiight have been thrown as an excuse, as someone who doesn't cook, to buy an Anthropologie apron ...}

For Halloween this year, try visiting the sale section of a clothing store & seeing if anything inspires you for a costume that is either that mega-deal or you'll rock afterwards. I scoped out the sale section of Asos {one of the few places I online shop at due to free shipping both ways} & came up with these ideas. Go forth & be darling.

Stylish Cheap Halloween Costumes 100812.jpg

Shop This Style: { Ladybug Skirt l Sky Skirt l Majorette Romper l Roman Holiday Skirt l Genie Romper l Happiness Dress }

And remember, if the sale section you're eyeing is online, you'll want to shop asap to avoid rushing shipping charges.

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P.S. What's your favorite costume of Halloweens past? Leave it in the comments below & help a betty out who needs a fab idea this year!

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