Introducing: Dean Street TV!

New year, new ... video series! I'm so excited to annouce that Dean Street Society is now bringing y'all videos once a week here on {bow ties & bettys}! Tutorials, how-to's, Q&A's galore! If there's a topic or question you'd like me to address, just let me know in the comments! The gents have already beat you to the punch on this one & I've been getting their questions for videos in the comments over on {dapper  & the duchess}.

Below each video will be a transcript in case you prefer to read vs watch. I personally I love love love video content on other sides, so I wanted to give you the same gift! Enjoy!

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As we start off this new year & everyone's talking about resolutions, I want to talk a bit about philisophy: the Kaizen Philosophy. It's usually used in business, manufacturing, industry & is the theory of small continue change & improvement. Basically the Anti Extreme Make-Over. When we watch an "Ambush Make-over" on the Today Show, the reality is most people probably don't go home & carry that out any more than people who go on a crash diet keep the weight off. If you're on "What Not To Wear" to toss all your old stuff with money to repace it plus "counseling" with Stacey & Clinton ... you're more empowered when you go home. But, at the price points they're shopping $5,000 doesn't go all that far, & you've still had just a few days of help to overcome years of self-talk. There's still a long way to go after this "quick fix".

I want to see us set ourselves up for success in the new year with the Kaizen Philosophy, rather than Extreme Make-Overs or resolutions we'll pass or fail. If you've decided you want to look more pulled together in the new year, don't go wrack up credit card debit; want to lose 10 pounds, don't put everything on hold until you do. Start to shop in that sartorial direction as you do go shopping here & there; by cardigants, jewelery, belt-able dresses you can wear now & when you lose the weight.

There'll be more videos coming up this season to help you with this: Small choices we can make to be a little better, a little more authentic, create a little bit more providence, & set ourselves up together for success in the new year. So stay tuned!

with grace & gumption,


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