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Isn't December supposed to be the time when everyone slows down because we're dreaming of fire places next to Christmas trees? Well apparently the media didn't get the memo because December was THE month for Dean Street Society to pop up as a source in all sorts of articles! And since I actually WAS busy dreaming of Christmas, I didn't tweet them out as they happened, so thought I'd share a round-up for y'all.

A few on entrepreneurship: 

Representing the gentlemen's branding side of Dean Street Society {where I help guys with their online dating profiles & photos}:

  • An article for Match.com about how "Style matters on 1st dates"
  • For Yahoo.com on "Why women want to marry a guy like Tim Tebow". Do you agree? Do we want guys who are "good" but "strong"? As a devoted Colt McCoy fan I feel I need to make clear that I do NOT have a crush on Tim Tebow. But I do LOVE a boy who plays football.

And of course some style tips!

  • I chatted with Miss Tyra Bank's site Type F on color {wear it}, trends {I don't care about them} & my style inspirations. 
  • TagSellIt on thrift shopping for creative gifts which, holidays shmolidays, can be done year round!
  • And SheKnows wanted advice on finding your style in the new year. {I truly believe it IS all about knowing the kind of life you want to lead} 

Do you know any journalists or bloggers looking for tips & advice on style or branding? Send them my way!

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