Winter Wonderland Wardrobe

One year ago we were in the midst of "The Winter That Would Not End" here in NYC. After 6 years of meandering giddily through the snow, a California girl for whom snow still felt like something that only happened in a Nora Ephron movie ... winter won last year. So I've been significantly less giddy this season & exceedinly grateful for much more sunshine so far. However, clearly the old me peeked out & couldn't help but get inspired by snowy steps on Brooklyn brownstones. {I got so in the spirit I accidentally exclaimed "Merry Christmas!" to someone on the street!}


Sweater: Forever21, Skirt: borrowed {one of the thrifted items from our Tag Sale last weekend!}, Shoes: boutique in Toronto

If you're still feeling winter inspired, what cozy piece are you smitten with? Or have you already started eyeing or even shopping for spring?

with grace & gumption, Hilary

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