How to Pack for Your Honeymoon

I'm so honored to be not only guest posting for the darling wedding blog Tasteful Tatters today, but to kick off miss Emilee's Blog Party during her honeymoon hiatus! So pop on over & check out my 3 ideas for making your honeymoon packing easy, affordable & guaranteed to make for pictures that look as bright as a new bride's heart feels!

One more thing, Emilee has made a CONTEST out of her blog party & those posts with the most comments receive advertising space on her blog this spring! I would be ever so grateful if you'd leave a quick quip beneath the post. I couldn't have made Dean Street Society happen without YOU!

Now I'm off to dream about relaxing in a hammock on a white sand beach in a breezy white skirt ... or perhaps relaxing on a blanket beneath the Eiffel Tower in a bright poppy dress ... 

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