A Brooklyn Wedding Surprise

Just before the holidays two of my dear friends, Ryan & Stephanie, got married in Dumbo. They are two of the most kind, earnest, genuine people I know -- also the goofiest, silliest, most hilarious -- & absolutely perfect for each other.

Magical things happen to me when I ride the subway with my headphones on. Last year a whole hour long cabaret came out of such rides. And in September, when a song I'd learned for a callback for the musical "Rock of Ages" came on my iPhone ... the little surprise flash mom song & dance number below happened.

Backstory: Last winter we hosted an 80's themed Murder Mystery Dinner Party here at Dean Street. Stephanie {the gorgeous blonde} showed up in white bike shorts ... & Ryan proposed within 24 hours. {Single ladies, take note.} So in short, {especially in short shorts!} the 80's leads to everlasting love. 

80's outfit.jpg
80's workout.jpg

I watched this video again & again editing it & eventually my cheeks hurt from smiling so hard! The best part of the night was when Kyle reported, "She cried! She's so happy we made her cry!" We high-fived. Here's to finding love in Brooklyn, whether as husband & wife or in friendships to last a lifetime.

Starring: The Counselor: Scott Abbott, The Google Dude: Malik Ashiru, The Art Director: Nate Poekert, The Lawyer: Kyle Westaway, The Social Media Mogul: Shawn Cheng, The Serious Dancer: Jennifer Hatzes-Abbot, The Fashion PR Agent: Ashley Bearden, The Blogger: Chanel Graham & The Writer: Kristen Ball. Plus the Groom & Bride: Ryan Terry & Stephanie Adams-Terry!

Photos of this gorgeous wedding coming to the blog soon!



Didn't know where she's going, but she sure knew where she'd been, hanging on the promises in the songs of yesterday, & she made up her mind she ain't wasting no more time finding love in Brooklyn

Though he kept searching for the answer, never seemed to find what he's looking for, oh Lord he'd pray, please give me strength to carry on, cuz he knows what it means to walk along the long Dean Street of dreams

Here we go again not alone, going down the Park Slope road that we call home, here in Brooklyn we're not meant to walk alone, & they made up their minds they ain't wasting no more time

Just another heart in need of rescue, waiting on love's sweet charity, & they'll hold on for the rest of their days, cuz we know that they believe, they won't walk alone the long Dean Street of dreams

Finding love in Brooklyn!

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