a picinic a day keeps boring at bay

My second Brick Lane find: my "picinic skirt". A (1) pastel (2) plaid (3) long skirt. Daunting. So I challenged myself to find  not three, but five ways to wear it. Five! What can I say. I'm an overachiever.


Nah, not an overachiever. Actually I just want to give you some visual inspiration for how a skirt like this could work in your life. Here's where I can envision wearing this skirt with it's various tops & accessories:


Left: Brithday brunch with my neighborhood girls

Center: To the office {if I went to the office}

Right: Easter Sunday or the Kentucky Derby

Left: A date to walk the Brooklyn Bridge & Promenade {comfortable flats & a hat to protect from sun}

Right: An afternoon concert in the park {no tan lines!}


Which one do you like best? Where could you see yourself sporting this skirt? What top in your closet could create a different look altogether?

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