keep calm & carry on your suitcase .................. {how to pack for travel}

This lucky girl got to hop the pond to go visit my Dad in London for 5 days. I took this as a personal challenge to be a rockstar traveler & pack in just one carry-on. That meant 5 tops, 2 bottoms, 3 pairs of shoes, 3 layers of varying warmth & a handful of accessories. My helpful hints:

1. Choose a color scheme so everything can go together. Mine was navy, poppy & marigold (that's fancy for blue, red & yellow). Every top I brought went with my yellow skirt or jeans, & 2 of the 3 pairs of shoes. That way I didn't have to plan out each day, but could change based on our schedule, the weather, how my feet were feeling.

2. To get started, pick the one thing you know you want to bring. For me it was my colorful, comfy, ladylike marigold skirt. I thought through which tops & shoes could be remixed with that & everything else fell into place from there. I also had wanted to bring along a new white lace dress, then black tights & black shoes ... & suddenly I had a whole other thing going, so I saved that dress for another day & stuck with one color pallet.

And since I wanted to share this image on Pinterest for our #VPL travel segment:

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