holiday party style prep

The holiday season is upon us! Does that mean that you too have oodles of fun events coming up? We do here in Brooklyn, which is delightful! But I'll be totally honest, it also made me go "Gah I need new clothes!" So before I headed out to shop, I took my own advice & shopped my closet. I put together looks for 6 events & even had a handful of back-up ideas in case {ahem, for when} I change my mind.

Here's the secret: Batch it. I took 1 hour & planned 2 weeks worth of party ensembles. I guarantee you I would have spent way more time if I'd tried to figure it out each time, plus been late to events & surely would have gone & purchased something because I hadn't taken the time to dig out things I haven't worn in a year that are SO cute!

photo (4).JPG
photo (5).JPG
photo (3).JPG

Stuck on what to wear to an event? Describe it in the comments & I'll brainstorm ideas with you. Have a piece you want to wear but aren't sure how to pair or remix it? Send me a pic & I'll drum up a little vision board for you! Here's to sparkling with more confidence then the Rockefeller Christmas Tree this season.


P.S. Wore my first outfit {gold sequin tank, black skinny jeans & bangles} to Ryan Adams at Carnegie Hall last night!

Next up on the holiday cal is "Rain Dance", a show I'm styling on tomorrow ...

with grace & gumption,


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