Behind the Scenes {How to Brand your Photo Shoot}

So how do you go about pulling off a photo shoot?

Well, if you're Rachel Zoe or a celebrity stylist you have a relationship with designers/stores & you "pull" {are loaned} as many pieces as your heart desires to put together the day of.

For "real people with real budgets" ... my method is to do a test round of shopping before you buy.

1. Mirror self-portraits on my iPhone to remember what you found & decide on the best handful before purchasing anything.

2. A belt, jewelry, appropriate shoes makes it easier to get a feel for what it will really look like, so wear or throw them in your purse.

3. Share your embarassing self-pics to get a second opinion from a friend whose style you respect. 


What's your brand or big picture?

Whether it's an engagement or maternity shoot, or branding for your small or large business, your photos will often be used together on a website, blog, holiday card. While they don't have to "match", they should represent a cohesive brand, story or aesthetic.

For Dean Street Society my vision board was JCrew jewel tones on a gray & white backdrop.


Remarkable is All in the Details!

Some things I paid attention to ... only 1 floral, didn't wear gingham or plaid as I knew the boys would, or pants for the same reason, 2 patterns & 1 solid, a chunky necklace & a long one & no necklace, 3 different skirt shilouettes. And in the end, here's the whole site pulled together:

You're already investing time & money in a photography session, so give the extra effort to making sure you look like the best & most genuine "you". Gather up the notes from parts one, two & three of this post below to help you! And if you get stuck you know I'm always here.

with grace & gumption, Hilary

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