Styling a Photo Shoot {part 1}

In 2012 are you prepareing to take a profile photo, headshot, engagement pic, family portrait? Something for your company website, guest speaking gigs, album cover or back flap of a book?

You guys have been so complimentary on the photo shoot for my site {thank you!} so I thought I'd give you a behind the scenes of what went into it. We scan through Pinterest & blogs noting images we like, but I don't think we often realize just how much work goes into those wedding, family, profile shots we want to copy. So you aren't disappointed by the results of your next shoot, a few ground rules & tips for photo shoots:

1) I spent hours & hours pulling together the clothing & accessories for this shoot. More details on that in Part 4, but I will say in the end, though it took a lot of time, I actually spent very little money.

2) I had a hair & make-up artist. I've got another shoot to share with you guys in December where I did my own hair & make-up, so you can be the judge of how much of a difference it made. But for a once in a lifetime moment or a business brand, I think it's a very wise investment.

3) My photographer rocked. These photos were not retouched. At all. A brilliant photog {ahem, Mr Ben Spell} cannot be under estimated. There are a lot of fine ones. Go for seriously kickass. You won't regret it.

A few ideas from my {grace & gumption} shots {aka the "just me" ones}:

Dress: sample sale $15 {Don't you hate when people say something like "sample sale"! I never know where or when the cool one are. This was a rare time when a charity event I styled also had a sale at the end.}

Scarf: thrifted

Jewelry: Anthropologie, JCrew on sale, Macy's

Shoes: DSW

Bicycle: {her name is Charlotte Cranwood, she's pleased to meet you}

Flowers: corner bodega, styled by my gorgeous Best Friend who moonlights as a wedding florist

Purchased: only the ring from Macy's & the flowers, which then graced our home for a week; already owned the rest!

{In action with Dana & Ben; snapshot with Best Friend & her bouquet} 

Stay tuned for part 2 coming next week!

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