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Once upon a time a Brooklyn crew went apple picking in upstate NY. More photos were taken then apples were picked, but we'll still call it "apple picking" not "orchard photo-shoot-ing". I just had my iPhone & my obsession with photos apps to capture the day. That means lots of gauzy, vintage, contrasty fun photos ... but no depth of field, focus, post-Photoshop tools to make colors pop.

Thus I think it's a great example of how to dress for travel photos ... how to dress for special event photos ... how to dress for roadtrip photos.

Anytime a camera's going to be present for a day you want to remember {or might end up all over Facebook}: C-O-L-O-R is your secret weapon to eye-popping awesomeness.

{Notice what your eye goes to: orange coat, teal hat, purple hat, yellow leaves, red apple. We like bright & shiny things! There's a reason traffic lights are bright colors: it catches our eye. Don't you want to catch our eye & be noticed too? No? Talk with your therapist about that one. Yes? Get on the color train ya'll.}

Not gonna lie: having goofy friends & fun props definitely helps to make photos noteworthy! {It's a shame my guys are so shy & inhibited ...} But picture the ladder photo on the left if I were in a grey sweater & grey hat & Topher was missing his orange belt. Definitely less ooh-worthy, eh?

Surround yourself with people who make you light up with laughter & genuine smiles will always make you look your most beautiful. Kristen, Raleigh & Roo are just a few of those people for me, not to mention the whole Apple Bottom Crew down below.

How to dress like a rockstar? That just takes a little fur stole & some big glasses. Plus my best Top Model tips: get really hungry {hands on hips & hunch hunch hunch} & thirsty {mouth a bit agape as though seeking water}.

Finally: Layer it up! I actually had 3 things going on here: a belted top so when it was warm I still looked pulled together, a bright cardigan over that, & then my coat. Even my head was layered up with a headband so I didn't hate my hat-hair when it got too warm for my cap. And a striped scarf for an accessory added another pattern & in neutral gray went with all 3 layers. Yes, I have a Masters Degree in Advanced Styling.

Got questions for me? Leave em in the comments. Want feedback on how pics from your last trip could have been better? Put a link down below or pin them on Pinterest & hashtag it #DeanStreetSociety. I'm here to help & share ideas!

Shop This Style: { Jacket: Banana Republic similar l Cardigan: Urban Outfitters l Shirt: Target l Belt: JCrew l Jeggings: Loft similar l Boots: DSW l  Scarf: Old Navy l Hat: Lulu Lemon similar l Headband: Forever 21 l Sunglasses: Target }

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