P.S. Thanksgiving Shenanigans

Just for fun, a little behind the scenes of our Thanksgiving on Dean Street!

Mike {to Hilary re: peacock headband}: Oh man, I forgot my feathers.

Hilary: Thankgoodness you're wearing gray. Come with me.

He didn't take it off the rest of the night. I like a straight man who can fully commit to a fascinator.

Plus there was an organic all-male quartet that seemed to appear throughout the evening to serenade us.

Then en route to a local bar around midnight, we came upon a Trinidadian dance party elsewhere on Dean Street & walked on in. 2 hours later we'd busted moves in a stranger's living room with a DJ, 2 drummers & a man on cowbell while our kind neighbors {I must point out we were the ONLY white people so they were a little curious where we'd come from!} poured us champagne & got down with us on the dance floor. Then a woman named Christine gave us a littler sermonette. Because, strangers though we are, here on Dean Street we're all a part of the 99%.

Feathers, harmony, one love,


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