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A month ago I had an eyelash in my eye. For hours. Exhasperated I tried YouTubing clips I thought would make me cry to flush it out. After horrible search ideas I won't share ... no tears. So I typed in "Rachel Crow". And I wept. I've never seen the show X Factor but someone sent me to Rachel's first audition & I’ve been inspired by every clip since.

She's 13-years-old & in the 8th grade.

When she sings in the first video, her grandmother claps silently along. In the second video, Simon beams as he sees the audience responding to her. All around this little girl are people DELIGHTED to watch her be 100% fully who she was meant to be. The joy on her face when she sings ... her sweet, shy adoptive mother did not instill the dream that she needs to sing on stages in front of tens of thousands. Rachel was born with that need. When she sings songs about heartbreak & cheating ... soulfully & gut wrenchingly ... it's not because she's old enough to be channeling her life experiences. This little girl was born with a need to sing. And from a small town & a poor family, something in the universe told her she wasn't crazy.

Audition #1: Ripped jeans, a bedezzled tank & a performance she's only done in front of her bedroom mirror.

Competition Week #3: A stylist, hair & make-up ... but the same voice & presence. With a little aesthetic help, anyone can be the rockstar version of themselves at 13 or 33.


A few of Rachel's thoughts that make me weep. Every. Single. Time.

After “Mercy” she says “Thank you! I won’t let you down!” … Who has instilled their faith in you where you respond by giving 110%?

Before “If I Were a Boy” she says “I just know that I am meant to be here” … What do you know you are meant to do at this place, in this time, today?

Her biggest obstacle has been “"When I was little I was really chubby, even coming into the show ... I made a decision to lose weight & get healthier ... I felt like I was not doing myself any good ... I lost 15 pounds before the live show. I'm so happy! I can fit into things ... Food used to be everything to me & it's really not anymore ... It's a wild ride & I'm loving it!" … What obstacle do you need to overcome that is your everything, that’s not doing you any good, that would make you giddy to put behind you?

A dream on the line, "I want this more than anything. So hopefully I'll step up my game & whatever happens it'll be epic.” … When’s the last time you stepped up your game to be epic?

On style, "You don't have to be stick skinny. You don't have to be perfect to be who you are. Just be who you are, always ... It's definitely important to have your own style. To be comfortable ... confident ... your style definitely does matter." … Are you as clear as a 13-year-old that what you put forth visually to the world matters & is about being authentically the best vison of you?

Inspired? I'd love to hear your answers in the comments below! I truly believe there's power in writing things down, sharing them, being held accountable to living bigger. Ready to bump it up? Send me an email & book a session.

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