hot mom in the city & style gifts for the holidays

One of my pregnancy styling clients, Allie, & her DARLING family added a 3rd little one to the fam.

{top left: family + bump; top right: that would be her & husband getting down; bottom center: double rainbows ... so you're gathering that this mom is pretty super cool. bottom right: love of my life, scout.}

Brooklyn Cool Parent Style.jpg
Cool Parents Style.jpg

I knew there were going to be lots of hand-me-downs, so I made my shower present a gift for the mom-again-to-be:  accessories.I knew from our sessions that this was something she didn't have a lot  of. So I was strategic in making sure I got 6 items that were as  versatile as possible:

Baby Shower Gifts.jpg

1. A lightweight scarf I brought back from London that works almost 12 months a year

2. Two belts {one skinny, one medium, both in neutral shades} she could wear over her bump, to pull in maternity clothes after the baby & make sure she's not wearing "is there a baby under there?" tent tops 6 months later.

3. A gold braided headband that could be jeans or bridesmaids dress worthy.

4. Two necklaces {one short, one long} one in pinks/peaches since the scarf was in blues/purples/greens.

{Purchased: East End London Flea, Loft, Gap & Forever21}

It got me thinking about how we can encourage one another to be that confident, radiant, best version of ourselves. With the holiday season approaching, it can be daunting {& sometimes to expensive} to by clothing for the gals in our life. Accessories can be a great universal gift of style, though don't shop universally. I really thought about what would work in Allie's life, style & the gaps she had. {Hint: check out their Facebook photos to recall their style.} If you're not sure, just get a gift receipt.

Your holiday mission: make people more sparkling & glowy! Happy giving! :)

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