winter wish list

Last winter here in NYC was rough. Deep dark pit of despair rough. It was loooong. And for the first time in 8 years of living in the city I have a pit in my stomach about the weather starting to turn. The main reason: I can't stomach putting back on the same 2 pairs of skinny pants that went into the same 2 pairs of boots nearly for 6 months. It's like if you remembered the outfit you were wearing when you got broken up with or fired & could never wear it again. That's never happened to me. But it's like that. Winter broke my heart & kicked me on the way out the door.

Thus, Best Friend & I have decided we need a sartorial plan to fight the winter greys. You'll notice my wish list is comprised of two things: bottoms & shoes. Would I love more blousey tops, colorful dresses, cozey cardigans? Always. But what I need, emotionally at least, is new bottoms & shoes. It's a Secret Five Point Plan to Fight Emotional Deflation.


See the full Pinterest board for more ideas. What are you itching for this fall? And for the love of all does anyone have non-soul-sucking tights to recommend?? How about ones that aren't mad expensive?

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