welcome to the dollhouse

On a Saturday night in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn we celebrated 2 birthdays & 2 ladies whose house was warmed. Their last names both begin with "D" & we call their charming little apartment "The Dollhouse". Come on in & take a peek at how we do style in the Dean Street neighborhood.

Ashby in a gorgeous but easy purple dress {which she thrifted for $8!} with fun heels, Kristen mixing patterns & Roo in a cozy fringy wrap. Yep, we're a 'sit on the floor & make yourself at home' kind of crew.

Raligh & Downing in red pants & cheeta shorts. Going bold on the bottom, but keeping it simple & casual up top to balance it out.

The boys up on the roof in bright colors & popped collers welcoming in fall.

Lauren, Em, Downing & Trish all embracing the change of season in chunky knits & drapey scarves. These photos make me want hot spiced cider!

And as always, the most captivating thing in the room are witty people. Like Plunkett cracking Raleigh up.

This was my favorite kind of night. Wonderful hostesses in an inviting apartment filled with fabulous people just spending time together. I heart my neighbors.

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