brewing a batch of options

What to do when asked on a mystery date with no idea what sartorial direction to go in? Present options. I presented gentleman caller this foursome  & asked "Are we going for funky, sweet, preppy or chic?" The gold sequins won out & he chose well for what turned out to be a dance party at the Museum of Natural History.

Hey, I would have changed clothes as many times on my own, but this way I walked out the door confident. Plus, I have never gotten dressed as quickly as I did for a party the next night & church the following morning because I already had the purple tights & denim strapless ensembles in mind.

Truthfully, taking a chunk of time to try on outfits {this is called "batching" in productivity speak & also applies to checking your email or running errands all in one afternoon} definitely saves time vs daily staring at our closets, trying on multiple options, leaving them in a pile on your bed & running out the door 10 minutes late. Hmm, just me? Liars! Pretty little liars, all of you.

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