How to Get Paid to be Creative

I've got a question for you, betty:



DO YOU Want to turn your passion into a business & & lifestyle you adore?

In this super-informative hour {ahem and virtual dance party} I'll share the secrets of how:

  • I'm working less, and making more... a lot more. {Last month, I made 75% of my entire 2014 revenue. In one month. With my the least stressful launch ever.}
  • The 'map' I used to start my business {that's grown to 30,000 followers}.
  • I got beyond striving to thriving, living an entrepreneurial lifestyle where I can be creative daily while working from anywhere in the world, doing work I totally love.
  • To push past and overwhelm or frustration when thinking about turning your passion into a profitable venture. I did lady, and so can you!

It's what you've been wishing you could pick someone's brain about over coffee - how you making the world beautiful, can pay your bills  beyond.

Pour yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine. Sit down somewhere comfortable and let's chat.


The Two Halves of Style

Here's the question no fashion magazine ever asks you:

How do you want your clothing to make you feel when you walk into {insert simple everyday or smashingly exciting activity}?

And here's the truth no fashion magazine ever admits:

No "7 Must Have Pieces for Fall" list is ever going to answer that question for you.


You can tear every checklist out of every magazine.

You can know whether you're a winter or summer color palette, an apple or a boy shape, how to take a look from day to night by swapping out your shoes and purse ...

Yet following every rule in the fashion book doesn't mean you'll have a style that feels uniquely and effortlessly you.


When I've dived deep into this question for myself here's my answer:

I want to feel graceful, empowered, wise, delighted and deepening.

That, is how I feel in the ensemble below.


However, it's not just the heart, it is also the head. 

Feeling stylish is about being empowered by the knowledge of what works and why -- an educated style, which is exactly what my mission is here on Dean Street.


Here's 3 more tricks up my stylist sleeve that are happening in this outfit:

1. Black and white is timeless. This vintage dress would look very kitschy if the print were in red and white, or yellow and white, but the colors of this fabric keep a 1950's dress from feeling dated.

2. Pair vintage plus modern. To make sure I don't look like I just walked off the I Love Lucy set, I made sure my shoes, cardigan and hat were all contemporary. Too many vintage pieces look cheeky {unless that's your desired style, then go for it!}.

3. Keep your seasons fluid. This light cotton dress would feel utterly summer, if not paired with a thick cardigan, wool hat and other neutral tones {aka feels more fall than a bright summery hue perhaps}.

There are tons of secrets and tweaks that stylish women know that empower them to wear what they want to wear, when they want to wear it, and pull it off.

That's what I teach inside Style & Styleability, and around Dean Street Society.

So if you're looking for the educated woman's guide to style {and since our Dean Street bettys are a whip smart savvy bunch, I know you are} you've come to the right place. 


Shop this Style { Black & White Dress : Vintage | Black Felt Hat : Flea Market : Similar |  Black & White Jacket : Forever 21 : Similar | Polka Dot Heels : Next UK |  Rings :  Moorea Seal + H&M } + California Photography by Michelle Kim 


There's a crisp new air in the season with fall, love, and I think you're on the cusp of taking your style to a whole new level.

Can't wait to help you get there ...

P.S. Want more style secrets plus a look at a day in my life?

I am so flattered to be one of the cover stories for Cupcake Magazine's fall issue featuring one of my entrepreneurial idols, Bethenny Frankel, who was photographed by my dear friend and Dean St photographer, Sara Kerens!

Read the story here.

To Leaping With A Net

A year ago I would have been too nervous to wear this outfit on the blog.

I was afraid you might look at it and think, "She looks great but if I wore that to work people would give me looks all day ... She can pull that off in fancy New York City but that's never going to fly in my daily mom life ..."

It seems laughable now, because let's be honest -- it's a top, skirt, necklace, shoes and sunglasses. It's not rocket science.

Yet, I was holding myself back. I told myself that I needed to dress relatable, in a way that didn't push the envelope. While most style bloggers are thrilled to push the envelope, Dean Street Society is not about being fashion forward, it's about making style attainable for you, giving you an educated style that makes you feel beautiful and empowered more easily than you ever realized was possible.

And I had an aha moment that if I was playing small in my life, how could I ask you to play bigger in yours?

So I decided to wear what I want to wear. Which is exactly what I want for you.


What are you afraid of?

To be too big, too bold, too fancy, too sexy, too much?

To look like you're trying too hard, like you want attention?

You may not believe me now, but I promise no one else would think that.

They'll notice. Absolutely. Dressing better, brighter, bolder brings compliments! Which can feel uncomfortable when we're not used to them.

But betty, there is a joy that comes when we as women are complimented on our beauty ... I can't put into words what a deep, soul-filling place that is when you're owning your loveliness.


Shop this Style { Black & White Blouse : Asos | Black & White Midi Skirt : Asos : Similar |  Statement Necklace : J.Crew : Similar | Blue Suede Heels : Jessica Simpson : Similar |  Sunglasses : Target  : Similar } + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela 


What would happen if you started taking risks?

Think about your answer over the next couple of days, but I have great news for you. You don't  have to leap alone. Or without a net.

Style & Styleability is coming back this week. It's a community of women committed to shining brighter -- to being more joyful professionals, confident mothers, glowing wives, beautiful friends.

Pop in your email so you don't miss my FREE video series as we go deeper into this heart-to-heart conversation. {Sneak peek: The final video we dive into this specific conversation around fear.}

The winds are changing here in Brooklyn as we enter into fall, a new season, and I can feel it in my bones that there's a new season right around the corner. 


P.S. I have another confession to make. 

I shot these photos six months ago. {The  summer got busy and not everything made it onto the blog right away.}

At the time, they did feel like pushing the envelope. Now, they feel so comfortable it felt silly to write that they had ever felt risky.

You have no idea how much you can grow in your confidence in the next six months.

There's no reason to wait. Take the little leap of watching this series. Set aside time to honor yourself and your growth, and see what happens ...

Stuck in a style rut? Press play.

She's back!

It's the grand re-opening of my beloved video masterclass for just the second time ever.

Live for a limited time only, so hustle your bustle and watch it now

Do you have a friend who deserves to look as fabulous and professional as she is?

Introduce her to the free series at

Sharing the inside scoop is always on trend in my book. {wink}

Movie Moments in Everyday Style

Movies make you wish.

Wish you were Audrey Hepburn dancing with Fred Astaire or life had moments Nicole Kidman swinging high above the Moulin Rouge.

Wish you had Kerry Mulligan's wardrobe in An Educated Style or Gwyneth Paltrow's in The Talented Mister Ripley.

It can feel exhilarating, lovely, and far away.


Life doesn't just have to be pretend.

With the right teaching, tools, tweaks, tricks, we can take those glorious mavens of the movies and let them truly inspire us today in our real world.

I was having one of those "if only life were ...." moments earlier this summer when watching The Talented Mister Ripley and decided the next to declare that, "life is now".

I stood scanning my closet, mentally breaking apart what it was I loved about Gwyneth's style, and voila.

A brand new outfit I'd never paired together that made me feel just as romantic, effortlessly chic and timelessly feminine.

Shop this Style { White Button Down : Trina Turk : Similar | Blue Midi Skirt : Vintage, Broadway production of 42nd Street : Similar |  Retro Swimsuit Top : c/o Albion Fit | Brown Wedges : DSW : Similar | Lipstick : MAC in Lustering } + Photography by Michelle Kim 


Even better, this outfit features a skirt I inherited worn by leading lady, Peggy Sawyer, in the 1980's Broadway production of 42nd Street.

I've performed that musical over 500 times including with the Broadway touring company.

It would be easy to take a costume piece and say it feels too much, too dated but I was determined to reclaim it and give it a new life. 

Now is the time to stop wishing, and start making things happen.

I'm bringing back my special class, Style & Styleability, this fall and the grand re-opening begins on Thursday!

It's all about making the ideal, real.

Stop simply being inspired from afar by style blogs, Instagram, movies and magazines; start learning the secrets yourself to create the style and lifestyle you desire.

More on Thursday, but till then, I highly recommend you pop something lovely on the television tonight and let it not just make you wistful, but wide-eyed with new ideas.