The Brooklyn Suit

I have never been a girl who wore suits. Once upon a time I sort of wanted to be, in a heels clip clopping down a fancy hallway in a pencil skirt kind of way. So when I was headed to a business meeting recently {blogger/writer business meeting} I decided to create my own casual spin on office chic.

Here's my recipe:

1. Fancy jeans: These high-waisted ones from Madewell are super soft and look nearer to trousers than classic denim.

2. Cropped blazer: A 3/4 sleeve blazer profesh-es {new word} pretty much anything in your closet. And the nearer it hits to your natural waist the more it shows off your feminine shape. Plus pay attention to cool details like the tweed fabric, navy piping and gold anchor buttons to make sure you look cheeky vs stuffy,

3: Ladylike handbag: The quickest way to elevate any ensemble is with a really top notch bag, so you can pull off comfortable ballet flats and still look like the powerhouse you are.


Shop this Style { Hot Pink Top: Loft Similar | High-waist Denim : Madewell : Similar | Tweed Crop Blazer : Forever 21 : Similar | Neutral Handbag : c/o Gigi New York l Teal Flats : TJ Maxx : Similar } + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela


Speaking of the opposite of suit-worthy, I'm headed to SXSW on Saturday for the first time!

Who's awesome a cool indy music-fests? Umm, not this girl.

Anyone have advice on what to wear? Leave it in the comments and help a sister out!

Hey, we all have our weak spots, even a stylist. {wink}


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March Instagram Challenge

Say hello to this month's #StyleMe Instagram Challenge with #StyleMeMarch!

If this is your first time to join us, here's the no-rules-principals:

1. There are no rules. Join for one day or hold yourself accountable to all 31. Whatever works best for you. But don't opt-out of this free inspiration because you've decided you have to do it perfectly! Progress over perfection, m'dear.

2. Each day let the prompt inspire you to see your closet with fresh eyes. If you don't have something that's quite right, get creative! Do the opposite, use an accessory, etc.

3. Try not to shop. If one of the prompts points out a hole in your closet that you'd really love to fill, that's one thing. But my heart is that we make better use of the closets we've already invested in, rather than an urge to buy more.

4. Snap a self-photo and share it on Instagram using #StyleMeMarch and/or elsewhere on social or your blog.

5. Encourage beauty. The Dean St bettys are one of the kindest groups on the interwebs. Be generous with your likes and your words of affirmation, sharing only positivity and words that will make one another authentically glow.


Now go forth and spread the love! Would your followers be giddy over this free gift? Share away on Pinterest, Instagram, your blog oh my.

Need some inspiration about how powerful this little calendar can be? Here's two stories I heard when I met Dean St bettys while speaking at the Alt Summit conference last month:


"I have to tell you how much #StyleMe meant to me. My husband was in the hospital this fall + to be totally honest #StyleMe was the thing that got me out of bed most days. I was so depressed + knowing that I had that creative outlet to start my mornings with really gave me a little joy to start my day with + the community helped me to feel like there was an accountability to get dressed, change out of my pajamas + embrace the day."

"I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your #StyleMe challenge. I did it this fall when I was 4 months pregnant + honestly just hated my body. I've always struggled with my weight + here I was gaining weight but not looking pregnant yet -- getting dressed, dealing with clothes, trying to look cute was just the last thing I wanted to do. But the daily challenges helped me to get out of my own head, see my closet with fresh eyes like you say + I swear I found so many cute outfits I never would have on my own."


Also, last month I was tagged in an Instagram photo when a Dean St betty from Seattle flew to London to meet up with two gals she'd met on Instagram through the #StyleMe challenge. New friends, round the world.

Heart. Full. 

Here's to daily joy, loving our bodies and making new relationships this month, m'dear ...

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Dean Street Society in Better Homes and Gardens!

Love! I was so honored to be featured in the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens, and just found out I'm nominated as one of their Top 5 Fashion Bloggers! 2 blessings in 1 year?! I will take it!

But I need your help!

Winners are chosen by votes. And if you'd be oh so sweet to share the word, I made a tweetable just for you which totally works on Facebook too:

"Want to pay it forward? One of my fav bloggers has chance to be in @BHG mag! Click DeanStreetSociety + @HilaryRushford." Click to Tweet

photo (75).JPG

I may not have the fancy following of the other girls, but I know the heart of the Dean Street bettys can make anything happen. {wink}

You can go here as much as your pretty painted fingernails hands will take you. {wink}

Eternally grateful that you're in my life. You've changed everything in the last 2.5 years and I'm thankful for you every day!

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Stripes, Polka Dots and Plaid Oh My

Oh winter, how thou hide my desire for color and lull me into the cozy sleep of blacks and neutrals.

As a Cali girl, I do enjoy the winter wonderland that is New York even after 10 years of living here. Yet as a stylist, it is oh so challening to push back against the instinct to wear my favorite oversized black sweaters on rotation.

Though this day, I decided to push my winter instincts to embrace not just color but pattern upon pattern upon pattern. Here's how to pull off a trio of prints while keeping your chic sensibilities:

1. Start with stripes. They pair well with everything and are the most common print, so they don't feel too bold. Consider them "the neutral of prints". And then please bop me in the nose for writing such a fashiony phrase.

2. Pair bold with busy. These polka dot pants are rather busy, so I made sure my stripes and plaid were both wider, larger prints so they eye didn't have too much going on.

3. Stick within a color palette. Classic red, white and blue keep these ensemble feeling anchored and not too wild, amidst all the kicky fun happening.


Shop this Style { Navy Striped Shirt : JCrew Similar | Polka Dot Pants : AnthropologieSimilar | Red Plaid Scarf : H&M : Similar | Ikat Socks : Gap : Similar l Short Brown Boots : Thrifted : Similar} + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela


One more tip is when there's kind of an awkward moment happening between your pants and your boots, break it up with some slouchy socks. 

Hope you're inspired to add a little color, a bit of pattern, and a dose of dancing into your week m'dear ...

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Marie Forleo's B-School Bonus

If today is your first day on Dean Street, I'm going to bet you just came here by way of Ms Marie Forleo. Welcome, new friend! Smitten that we're meeting.

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This is Dean Street Society. We're passionate about An Educated Style, An Alluring Business and an Inspired Life. And we all learn more, when you add your story and Qs to the conversation.

Come on in, take your shoes off. Can I get you a cup of tea?


Here's what I recommend to make you feel right at home:

1. Hop on Honor Society. It's FREE! There's 2 doors through which you can come on into the tribe, and both come with the free gift of a Dean St Seminar on business or style. 

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I absolutely can't wait to hear your story. And heck, if you can't wait either, send me a note right now and let me know what you're struggling with in your business or style.

I'll pour myself a second cup of tea and write you back ...

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