How to Wear the Classic Shirtdress

Smitten to be featured on Better Homes & Gardens style alongside some of my favorite fellow style bloggers! Check out Jessie, Hallie, Caroline and Beth with our unique spins on one classic little shirtdress.

A pale blue washes me out a bit, so to make it pop more I added black and white stripes beneath in the form of a tight light crop top {one that is sometime too form-fitting to wear alone, but is perfect for laying beneath}.

Then to make this staple feel a little more unique I added a giant flower {a hair piece I attached with a safety pin} for a remarkable detail and some more pattern play.

I headed off the the Brooklyn Flea for the day and picked up some fresh flowers which happen to be my favorite accessory these days. {wink}

Shop this Style { Chambray Shirt Dress: Julie Brown Designs | Striped Top: H&M : Similar Flower Pin: Mila Rose Designs | Bag: Coach | Sunglasses: H&M: Similar | Rings: Moorea Seal  (c/o) & Accessorize | Shoes: Primark: Similar | Bracelets: J.Crew & thrifted } + Photography by Bethany Michaela

Hope this one-dress-five-ways inspired you with ideas of how to make any classic your own, m'dear!

Now enjoy getting lost in those new blogs I introduced you to ... {wink}

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4th of July Style

I would like to thank our founding fathers here in America for choosing stripes as our patriotic print. Stars I can pass on, but I'm delighted to triple-stripe it in preppy red and blue to feel festive.

I'm giving my tips on how to pull-off this 4th of July holiday look alongside fabulous Em of The Refined Woman {who's other half Kat photographed moi} over on darling Verily Magazine!

Extra extra read all about it here ...

Shop this Style { Red Dress: BB Dakota: Similar | Striped Skirt: ASOS : Similar | Shoes: Brooklyn Boutique: Similar | Belt: J.Crew: Similar | Sunglasses: H&M: Similar }  + Photography by Kat Harris

Now go forth and celebrate with the confidence to be a little cheeky and kitschy with your chic ladylike base! You know, just a little 2-Part Fashion Cocktail Holiday Edition. {wink}

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July Instagram Challenge

Quick, what are you wearing on Tuesday?

Pre-coffee when you're running late and so wish you could just throw on what you wore yesterday again? No worries, love. I've got you covered for every morning in July with #StyleMeJuly!

If you're new {welcome!} it's a free month of daily style prompts to help you see your closet with fresh eyes and spark creativity in the morning.

Here's what alums have to say:


Print the calendar out and tape it in your closet or save it to your phone. 

Some bettys pin it up at their desk and colleagues come by to see what tomorrow's prompt is.



Then here's how it works:

1. There are no rules. Play for just 1 day or all 31.

2. Let the daily prompt inspire you in getting dressed. Don't have something that works? Get creative! Do the opposite, borrow, accessorize.

3. Put a pause on shopping. Or at least prioritize being creative with what you own and invest wisely.

4. Take a pic daily and share on Instagram using #StyleMeJuly. And on your blog or other social media.

5. Encourage beauty. Be generous with your likes and words of affirmation to your fellow Dean St bettys, the sweetest gals around.

A sneak peek that next month we'll be taking this challenge to the next level, so join the style side of Honor Society today to get the news first in your inbox!

Can't wait to see you looking lovely this month, lady.



P.S. Be the first to go spread this free gem on Pinterest! 

You can even cut and paste this description:

Thrilled that @HilaryRushford is back hosting #StyleMeJuly! Follow her, re-pin + click through for how to join in!

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Quick Easy Style

May was a whirlwind m'dear. One night after a long day of filming I had five minutes to change clothes and make it to a friend's book launch party. In those moments, I think every girl needs a couple of "go to outfits".

You know they work. They don't take a lot of fuss. And perhaps you even intentionally don't wear them on average days specifically to save 'em in your back pocket for those times when you're rushed or exhausted.

My easiest answer: the statement necklace. This gem dressed up double denim to feel "party worthy", and helped me stand out in photos and look more alive alert awake enthusiastic than I felt.

Meanwhile the double denim is comfy, as are these gold heels, so when I was already internally kicking and screaming, I wasn't also wearing shoes that pinch or a dress I was tugging at.

Denim statement

Shop this Style { Chambray Button Down : Madewell + Similar |  Ciggarette Jeans : J. Crew | Floral Belt : Target + Similar  | Gold Heels : DSW + Similar | Statement Necklace : Sample Sale + Similar }  + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela

Feels comfy + looks remarkable with a dash of fancy. That's my recipe.

Whether it's last minute drinks with friends, a work event you wish you could cancel on or an unexpected invite you want to say yes to:

Can you think of one or three ensembles that can be your new back pocket gems?

P.S. Sneak peek, we'll be coming back with a #StyleMeJuly shortly! Hop on Honor Society to get the calendar sent right too you so you don't miss it!

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Work from Home, Fancy{sweat}Pants

I am morally opposed to sweatpants.

That's always been my line. But then the fashion industry went and made sweatpants not just "I've given up on feeling sexy chic and the Spanx I wear to work are so uncomfortable I spend all day dreaming about these nubby fabric-ed gray things the moment I walk in the door" but "I'm kinda badass and have the kind of life where I can rock slouchy pants and feel like a rockstar".

You guys. Slouchy pants are now my favorite early summer staple. 


Shop this Style { Grey T-shirt : Nordstrom : similar | Fancy Sweat Pants : Nordstrom : similar | Pink Necklace : Nordstrom : similar | Bandeau top : Forever 21similar | Gold Heels: DSW : similar  |  Watch : Boutique : similar }  + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela

Of course, ladylike details are what keep these from feeling schleppy or sporty, since that's not my style.

And here, I even chose a cozy comfy tee that's sheer, for some extra glam element of laying it over a bandeau top.

It's all about the 2-Part Fashion Cocktail. Such a powerful tool, a betty can even wear sweatpants if she knows the right recipe to keeping 'em sexy and chic. I feel like pigs are flying. 


P.S. I've declared #ChooseJoyJune! Join me?

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