Doors Close Today, Love!

Love, the doors for style class close tonight {12pm EST to be exact} and we kick off style school this Friday!

No more time to dilly dally, darling. Save your front row seat today!

This summer is about choosing now, not next time.

Cannot wait to hear your story and watch you shine this summer ...

Join us inside right now.

Feeling authentically confidence and effortlessly chic are waiting for you. {wink}

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A Lady Date for Chatting Style

Got a question, query or quandary that's holding you back from saying yes to yourself this summer? Ask me live! 

I'm hopping on the line twice tomorrow to A your Qs about your personal style, or Style & Styleability:

Tomorrow at 12pm EST: Register here

Tomorrow at 9pm EST: Register here

{To find your local time use this time zone converter; these calls won't be recorded so join us live!}


Can't wait to hear your story and see you there ...


P.S. We also just announced 5 fabulous bonus guest experts! Read all about the extra video classes coming your way as my gift!

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My Most Dramatic Before and After: Myself

I often get asked why I don't show "before and after" photos of my styling clients. The truth is, I just don't love the idea of focusing on someone's before, when they were anything less that gorgeous and confident.

But today I'm unveiling my most dramatic before and after ever: myself.

Click here for more embarassing photos. And then let's never discuss them again, shall we? {wink}


How Much the Average Woman Spends on Clothes

You know I'm student at heart and love being a smartypants.

So I did some digging on this topic and dove into some fresh ways to think about the massive investment that is our closet.

Read what I found here.

When you think about it, style is a massive part of our budgets and no one ever taught us how to invest in it wisely! Let's change that, lady.

Less splurging, more savvy spending. {wink}

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