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First things first can we talk about how much I love the balcony-ette at the new Dean Street Studio?!

I was on a mini mission with #ChooseJoyJune as something I'm trying to embrace more every month of the year: little intentional moments.

I'm a master at hustling through life's moments of gumption, and I embrace seasons of grace when I get to travel, but in the everyday it's a habit I'm having to build. 

Do you empathize? If so, my two answers have been walks, and a happy place.

I take as many calls as I can while walking in my neighborhood, listen to books on tape, or just let my mind wander.

And I come sit at my little flower box for mini-breaks throughout the day to just slow down and soak in.


Shop this Style { Top: H&M: Similar | Pants: H&M : Similar | Mug: Anthropologie | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack: Similar | Bracelets: Thrifted: Similar } + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela


I'm also floral smitten as soon as the sunshine comes out for spring!

In this ensemble I mixed three florals, and threw caution to the wind ignoring my traditional pattern pairing principles like "one busy, one bold".

The result might be a bit too bold for your taste, but whatever your comfort zone, I say push it every now and then.

One year ago I never would have worn this ensemble: three florals, sheer shirt AND some version of harem pants?! No way.

But I grow and evolve as a person, and in my personal style. I seek out new people on Instagram who push my boundaries. And continue to take risks now and then in the dressing room.

Life's too short to be scared. Play a little.

And whether you're wearing them or surrounded by 'em, take time to stop and smell the flowers. {wink}


August Instagram Challenge

After 2.5 glorious years with the #StyleMe Instagram and Closet Challenge, we're gettin' fancy!

Instead of living solely on Instagram, starting this month we're adding an email component just for our VIBs {very important bettys}.

Come hop on the list to receive exclusive notes from moi each Sunday with inspiration from my personal closet to help you interpret the challenges and see your closet with fresh eyes.

And if you're new to #StyleMe you'll also want to check out what our bettys say about why they love it so!

Pop in your email and the brand new calendar will be headed straight to your inbox! 

Here's to a month of stress-free pre-coffee leaving-the-house-feeling-fabulous mornings ... {wink}

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Betty, Meet Jess & Diana!

Stories make life interesting, and this one is about a girl with a dream who's seeing it come to life.

Almost three years ago on September 1st, 2011 I hit publish on a new little website called Dean Street Society. The dream was that she would become a business run by a small team, a handful of bettys {or dappers}.


Eight months later, hosting a show for Hearst Media that took up a large portion of my time, I hired my first assistant, Kayte. The show got cancelled the next month, but I was already grateful for the extra help 10 hours a week.

A year later Kayte moved on, I was traveling, muddled throughout without someone for a few months and then hired Nicole for 20 hours a week. "I can't believe you've been doing this on your own!' she exclaimed, "There is so much to do!"

She was with me for eight months until we conceded I need someone at more set hours, not feasible with her two young kiddos. I brought Liz on as an intern and she was so good she stepped into the role at 25 hours a week before her internship was over.

6 months later she confessed that it wasn't the right job for her. With a husband in the military she needed more simplistic stability in her job, and realized entrepreneurship was anything but. I set out to hire a new Chief of Staff, and realized that Dean St was ready for a whole new season.


The position went from part-time to full-time, from one freelancer to two employees in a matter of weeks. One of those shifts you call a game changer.

After holding the ground together on my own for almost three years, I now have two teammates, and the beginnings of my original vision it took almost three years to achieve.

Needless to say, I am giddy to introduce you to the newest members of the Dean Street Society team: Jess and Diana.

We had our first "all team" day recently and I wanted to pinch myself! I felt like I was getting to "play office" all day with friends instead of by myself!

They also explain why it's been all quiet on the eastern front around here this July, but we're all goosebumpy about what's coming in August and beyond. {wink}

Thanks for being a part of this story, love, and I can't wait for you to get to know Diana and Jess soon!

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How to Wear the Classic Shirtdress

Smitten to be featured on Better Homes & Gardens style alongside some of my favorite fellow style bloggers! Check out Jessie, Hallie, Caroline and Beth with our unique spins on one classic little shirtdress.

A pale blue washes me out a bit, so to make it pop more I added black and white stripes beneath in the form of a tight light crop top {one that is sometime too form-fitting to wear alone, but is perfect for laying beneath}.

Then to make this staple feel a little more unique I added a giant flower {a hair piece I attached with a safety pin} for a remarkable detail and some more pattern play.

I headed off the the Brooklyn Flea for the day and picked up some fresh flowers which happen to be my favorite accessory these days. {wink}

Shop this Style { Chambray Shirt Dress: Julie Brown Designs | Striped Top: H&M : Similar Flower Pin: Mila Rose Designs | Bag: Coach | Sunglasses: H&M: Similar | Rings: Moorea Seal  (c/o) & Accessorize | Shoes: Primark: Similar | Bracelets: J.Crew & thrifted } + Photography by Bethany Michaela

Hope this one-dress-five-ways inspired you with ideas of how to make any classic your own, m'dear!

Now enjoy getting lost in those new blogs I introduced you to ... {wink}

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4th of July Style

I would like to thank our founding fathers here in America for choosing stripes as our patriotic print. Stars I can pass on, but I'm delighted to triple-stripe it in preppy red and blue to feel festive.

I'm giving my tips on how to pull-off this 4th of July holiday look alongside fabulous Em of The Refined Woman {who's other half Kat photographed moi} over on darling Verily Magazine!

Extra extra read all about it here ...

Shop this Style { Red Dress: BB Dakota: Similar | Striped Skirt: ASOS : Similar | Shoes: Brooklyn Boutique: Similar | Belt: J.Crew: Similar | Sunglasses: H&M: Similar }  + Photography by Kat Harris

Now go forth and celebrate with the confidence to be a little cheeky and kitschy with your chic ladylike base! You know, just a little 2-Part Fashion Cocktail Holiday Edition. {wink}

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